“Sleep is for the weak!” If that’s what you say to justify why your nights are sleepless, then you might be in for some real long-term damage, my friend!

Many of us go through sleep issues at some point in our lives, which usually means we’re unable to get 7 hours of sleep every night, and that’s much more common than most people think it is. Around 35% of adults in the U.S. have insomnia, according to the sleep foundation’s report in 2020.

In hopes of curbing the problem, people seek various sleep medications, therapy sessions, or authorized marijuana. Our focus today is on Marijuana for sleep. Since marijuana is considered a natural form of treatment with no side effects, more people prefer it over pills, provided you are using the right strain. So, how will you know which strain is the best for you? Learn about it as we move further.

Marijuana And Sleep – Where’s The Connection?

We don’t have much information indicating the connection between sleep and marijuana due to limitations around the use of marijuana in medical research.  However, one thing is clear: the system in our body that deals with all our sleep and resting concerns – the endocannabinoid system is affected by the components of marijuana. THC and CBD, the two popular cannabinoids, have been known to regulate sleep, making them the best alternative to contemporary sleeping pills.

THC is known for the high that is associated when marijuana is consumed. According to research, it is known to help fall asleep faster and also stay asleep. CBD works in harmony as it also helps people get quality sleep for longer. As the research is ongoing, the emergence of another compound that gives the marijuana flavor and smell – Terpenes-  has been the new topic of discussion.

So far, the verdict is that: Strains matter. Slight to moderate amounts of THC and CBD can do the trick. If it doesn’t, try out strains with higher THC levels.

9 Best Strains For Sleep

Hindu Kush (THC Dominant)

The best and fastest effective way to get results from this strain is through smoking. It relaxes muscles, which makes your sleep experience better. This has been one of the best choices for most when picking marijuana for insomnia.

THC : 15 – 32%

CBD : < 1%

Granddaddy Purple (THC Dominant)

Just for mainly sleep issues caused by pain and anxiety, this strain, with its strong berry and grape flavor, is believed to have relaxing effects. It does the trick due to the high levels of myrcene, a form of terpene.

THC : 12.5 – 32 %

CBD : < 1% 

Girl Scout Cookies (THC Dominant)

The best way to consume this hybrid strain is through edibles. It helps with anxiety, pain, and other conditions and gives you the desired sedative effect to enjoy a long night’s rest.

THC : 25 – 28%

CBD : < 1%

Pink Kush (THC Dominant)

Another favorite in the lot is from the family of the Kush. With its pink furry look, this Indica-dominant hybrid has strong body-focused effects. You can expect to smell sweet vanilla and candy perfume when consuming it.

THC : 12- 35%

CBD : < 1%

Grape Ape (THC Dominant)

Like other pain and stress relieving strains, this grape-flavored type is no different from the rest. It’s a crossbreed that is believed to be not too overpowering but just the right one for muscle relaxation, mood elevation, and relieving anxiety; just what you need to fall asleep faster and better.

THC : 15 – 25%

CBD : < 1%

Gelato (THC Dominant)

The effects of this strain are enjoyed by many during social gatherings and even to wind down at home. Also known as Larry Berry, this type has sweet blueberry and orange hints of flavor. If you need a euphoric high with strong, relaxed feelings, this one is for you.

THC : 17 – 25%

CBD : < 1%

Sherbet (THC Dominant)

Sherbet or Sunset Sherbet, with its Christmas tree look and long orange hair, is a hybrid strain. It is for those who need the strong high, which lasts hours be it at a social gathering or a few hours before getting into bed.

THC : 15 – 24%

CBD : < 1%

Wedding Cake (THC Dominant)

A strain that can make you crave all kinds of food, this increasingly popular kind is known for its universal effects as it serves well in the field of medicine. Also known as Pink Cookies, this strain of marijuana is a cross between GSC and Cherry Pie which holds excellent calming and relaxing properties.

THC : 16 – 25%

CBD :  < 1%

Harlequin (1:1)

If you search for a cure to relax your body a few hours before you can go to sleep, this strain is the one for you. It has equal parts CBD to THC to help you avoid the high you get from THC dominant strains that may cause anxiety. Consuming it will help with pain-related sleep problems.

THC: 7 – 15%

CBD : 8 – 10%

Bottom Line

There are many strains in the market, but picking the right one can only be achieved by experimenting or consulting an expert. Contact our team of experts who specialize in legalized marijuana for sleep and other health conditions.

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