Marijuana extract in the form of wax has become very popular in recent years. The wax is effectively a concentrated version of the main chemical compounds in cannabis without any other organic matter.

Marijuana extracts are quite potent and require careful consideration before you use them. There are two popular ways to administer medical marijuana in wax form: Dabbing and vaping.

Both these methods are effective at delivering the concentrated cannabis extract to your system. However, you should know that vaping or dabbing wax is a far different experience than smoking medical marijuana. For someone who smokes marijuana, vaping or dabbing can be too potent.

We are going to describe each method and explain the main differences between them to help you better understand which method is better for you in the dabbing vs. vaping debate.

How Vaping Works

Vaping might be the most common method that people use to consume marijuana concentrate. Vaping is also a versatile method to consume medical marijuana because of the sheer variety it brings. There are different accessories like coils and various temperature settings with which you can cook the wax. These customization settings can help you tailor your experience based on your preference.

Most people prefer vaping because it is more convenient in terms of its portability, ease of use, and overall versatility.

Vaping involves placing the wax inside the heating chamber of your vape. The vape then heats the wax based on the temperature setting on your device. Vaping can provide a smoother experience of consuming cannabis wax because it provides an even heat distribution for the wax to disintegrate into vapor form.

A lot depends on the device you are using, much like how you would choose a nicotine pen with vaping. A vape pen made by a reputable brand and the right options can be good. However, vape pens give you portability at the cost of capacity. Smaller vape pens may hold less wax and become constricted by placing too much inside, leading to airflow problems. It can be good for medical use on the go if you do not require a high dose.

How Dabbing Works

Many people using vape pens often refer to consuming medical cannabis through vape as dabbing when it is actually vaping. Vaping involves placing wax into a chamber to be heated and then inhaled once it is in vapor form.

On the other hand, dabbing involves heating the area you will place the wax before you place the wax there. Most dabbing enthusiasts often heat the area by using a blowtorch or an electric “nail” (to avoid any potential hazards of using a blowtorch).

The electric “nail” is the delivery system for the wax. Once you heat up the area, you simply need to place the waxy nail to the hot area and heat up the wax. As the wax heats up, it will disintegrate, and you can inhale it.

Besides the nail or the blowtorch mechanism, the dab rig looks and operates like a traditional bong that you might already know how to use. However, you should know that whichever type of heat you prefer to use while dabbing, you need to ensure that the nail is very hot. If the nail is not hot enough, it will not disintegrate the cannabis wax properly and harm the rig.

When you are searching for which dab rig to use, think about how you will use it and where you plan on storing it. Since you are using the rig for dabbing, the most important quality it should have is a high tolerance to heat. Dabbing can be riskier than vaping if you do not do it properly because of the high level of heat involved.

Dabbing vs. Vaping – The Main Differences

When you are deciding between dabbing vs. vaping, you have to consider the main differences since both of them effectively deliver the marijuana concentrate in vapor form that you can inhale. Here are some of the main differences that can help you decide which method you might prefer.

  • Vapes are easier to use and less hazardous than dab rigs.

  • Dab rigs require a bit of practice and finesse to use properly without the risk of injuring yourself.

  • Vapes are quite portable compared to glass rigs for dabbing.

  • Vapes might require more research into brands, models, features, and other performance-related needs. Dab rigs are relatively easier to choose.

Dabbing vs. Vaping – Which is Better?

There is no true answer that fits everyone except that you should decide what you prefer.

Note the main differences we’ve listed above and what you think your overall preference might be. Dabbing can be a little more complicated and is more suitable to situations where you are not going anywhere and you want to take a dose of your MMJ.

Vape pens can be more convenient to carry around and are not that challenging to operate while you are on the move. There is also a greater variety of vape pens available with different customization options. Make sure you choose something that suits your preferences. Glass rigs for dabbing can be simpler if you already have experience since there is not much in terms of new technology – the principle remains the same.

Buying medical marijuana for vaping or dabbing is not as simple as heading into a store and knowing the right product. You also require contacting Oklahoma medical card doctors who can get you the approval to purchase medical marijuana. The process can be a little challenging if you do not have the right guidance, and that is where we come in to help.

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