When you’re struggling to get to sleep after a long day with your nose to the grindstone, it can start taking a toll on your health. One night of sleep deprivation can lead to a day of crankiness and poor performance.

If you begin stringing together multiple nights of quality sleep, you can get sick and experience long-term health problems. There are several sleep medications that you can take, but these medicines are potentially harmful to your body and addictive.

That’s where cannabis comes in.

This is a natural substance that many people use to beat their insomnia and start enjoying a good night’s sleep. Medical cannabis legality depends on where you live, so you need to learn the laws of your state.

Can you get medical marijuana for insomnia in the state of Oklahoma?

Consider the factors below to answer this question and many others as you seek to heal with cannabis.

Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Insomnia?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” However, you need to follow the letter of the law when trying to heal your insomnia with cannabis in Oklahoma.

Many people use cannabis as a sleep aid, but some states are more cannabis-friendly than others.

If you’re trying to get medical cannabis in the state of Oklahoma, here are the points you need to know:

1. Oklahoma Requires You to Get a Physician’s Recommendation for Cannabis

For starters, you can only get medical cannabis in Oklahoma with a physician’s recommendation. The physician needs to be licensed and insured, and currently practicing.

They don’t need to be specialists of any type, and you have to book a standard visit to get this recommendation. Bring the statewide cannabis recommendation form to the appointment and have the doctor fill it out.

The physician will ask you a series of questions related to your insomnia and whether or not cannabis is helpful in treating it.

2. There is No List of Qualifying Conditions

You might be asking yourself, “Do I qualify for medical cannabis?”

The simple answer is, yes — no matter your medical conditions. Oklahoma, unlike other medical cannabis states, doesn’t have any set list of conditions that you need to qualify for.

Cannabis is an all-encompassing plant that helps people with so many conditions, including many that many healthy people experience regularly. As long as you can get a physician’s recommendation for any conditions you’re dealing with, it qualifies and you can purchase medical cannabis.

Some of the conditions that people use medical cannabis to treat include insomnia, anxiety, physical pain, stomach issues, depression, and a loss of appetite.

3. You’ll Need to Submit an Application and Wait

After you get your doctor’s recommendation, you will need to fill out an application for your medical cannabis permit. You will find this application online and will have until a month after your doctor’s appointment to submit your information.

Double-check the form before leaving the doctor’s office to make certain that it has been filled out completely and correctly. After you have submitted your application, it’ll likely take up to 2 weeks for it to be processed.

4. Have Your Identification and Other Information at the Ready

When you’re submitting your application to get your medical cannabis permit, make sure that you’re ready and able to prove your Oklahoma residency.

You’ll need to provide copies of your license, a lease or bill, passport, and other such information. By having this information ready to go you will avoid setbacks with your application that would otherwise make it take longer.

5. The State Legislature Recently Voted to Allow Out of State Visitors to Get Medical Cannabis

In early 2020, the Oklahoma legislature voted to allow people from out of state to also get medical cannabis. The bill, which passed with a vote of 90-6 in the state House of Representatives, and 38-5 in the state Senate, proposes that out of towners can get medical permits that are good for 3 months.

The bill is a governor’s signature away from becoming law in the state of Oklahoma.

Though it hasn’t gone into effect yet, this information is good to know if you’re not a resident, but plan to get medical cannabis to help you sleep when you’re in town for business or personal reasons.

6. Handle All Fees for Your Application

In addition to your application and doctor’s recommendation, you will also need to satisfy the fees that come with your request. You’ll pay $100 in an application fee due at the time of submission.

Medicare recipients can submit their applications at a reduced cost of $20.

7. Understand How Much Cannabis You Can Purchase and Carry

Once you get your medical cannabis permit, you need to be aware of the legal aspect of being a cardholder. You’re allowed to have upward of 3 ounces of cannabis on you at any given time.

You’re also allowed to store 8 ounces at your home. Never openly use cannabis or surpass these limits, or you could be subject to fines and criminal charges.

8. Visit Some Dispensaries and Start Shopping Around

The only thing left is to find dispensaries so that you can shop around. Make sure that the dispensaries are licensed and properly registered with the state.

Look around to see what kinds of products they offer, and make sure they have plenty of selections.

Shop for Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma

So can you get medical marijuana for insomnia in Oklahoma? Absolutely!

We can help you out when you have any questions about getting cannabis in Oklahoma. To learn more, contact us on the web or call us at (405)367-5638.