Marijuana has finally been legalized Oklahoma, and now you’re wondering how to get a prescription for marijuana.

Being cooped up inside the last few weeks hasn’t helped your insomnia or anxiety, which are at an all-time high. Thankfully, an Oklahoma medical card will help you access medical-grade marijuana for your needs.

Now, getting access to an online medical card isn’t too difficult, but with the process being so new, you’ll want guidance to get through all of the steps needed to get the card and buy medicinal cannabis.

Read on to learn all you need to know to get your Oklahoma medical card and the mistakes to avoid making with medical-grade marijuana after you’ve acquired it.

How to Obtain an Oklahoma Medical Card

The best thing for you to do is to consult an organization like Doctors of Cannabis, which offers the only comprehensive medical marijuana treatment plan. We outline the entire process for you to get your Oklahoma medical card.

After you’ve provided us all of the necessary documentation, we can start the process of you receiving a medical marijuana card. We submit your application to the OMMA to ensure you begin your journey of holistic wellness as soon as possible.

What to Look for in a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Now that you’ve got your medical card, you’re almost ready to buy medicinal cannabis. You need a prescription first, and that needs to be from a qualified medical professional.

Finding a medical marijuana doctor in Oklahoma is relatively simple. The best thing you can do, since you’re most likely attempting to transition from pharmaceutical healthcare to holistic healthcare, is to search by your condition.

You should first ask your primary care doctor before transitioning to holistic wellness. He or she will guide you through the steps and can speak to your marijuana doctor to make sure you get the best care possible.

Finding a real marijuana doctor can be done through your general physician, a quick internet search, and making sure they give you a full evaluation during a required appointment.

If a doctor seems too pushy in asking for your financial information, move on and find a new one. Make sure you’re comfortable with the doctor, too.

How to Get a Prescription for Medical Marijuana

After finding a quality marijuana doctor and consulting his or her professional opinion, alongside your general physician, you should be ready to buy medical-grade marijuana.

Next, all you have to do is walk inside any of the dispensaries in Oklahoma. Make sure you present your medical marijuana card with your identification card, and you’re good to go!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

If this is your first time owning medical cannabis, you may not know the common mistakes to avoid negatively impacting your holistic wellness and the effectiveness of the substance. The following are just a few things to avoid to make sure you receive the best quality experience using medical marijuana.

Not Storing Your Medical Marijuana Correctly

The last thing you want is for your prescription to lose its potency or ability to help with your needs simply because you don’t know how to store it.

To keep your cannabis safe, store it in a dark place as light breaks down the cannabinoid content. Too much humidity and in your storage space can grow mold on your prescription. Too much air will dry it out and degrade its quality, too. Airtight jars are your best bet.

Not Taking Your Time With It

Depending on the form of medical marijuana you’re using, you may not give yourself enough time to feel the effects. Different methods of consumption or use affect the time before you feel it working for you.

Smoking and vaping require about 10 minutes between each inhalation. Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect.

When you consume or use too much of your prescription too fast, you can worsen your anxiety and possibly cause panic attacks. Take your time for the best effects.

Never Revisiting the Clinic

Medical marijuana is a prescription. That means consulting your marijuana doctor at the clinic if things aren’t working as they’re supposed to.

Even if you are using your prescription properly, and it still does not bring the desired results, you have options. Visiting your doctor at the clinic will give you the chance to adjust your prescription as needed.

Staying With One Strain of Cannabis

If you make the mistake of not checking in with your doctor, you’ll not be able to test other strains of cannabis, which means you might be missing out on what works best for you. If you feel like your prescription isn’t working, assuming you’re using it correctly, go back to your doctor to try another strain.

There are different strains created for different conditions. Different concentrations of THC and CBD affect conditions differently, and trying them out is the best way for you to experience the desired effects.

Expecting the Wrong Things From Medical-Grade Marijuana

Bear in mind, changing strains and pacing yourself when using your prescription are for your holistic wellness. The point of medical-grade marijuana is to treat a condition. You may experience a high, but this is a side effect, not the sole intended purpose for your prescription.

You may have to use potent strains of cannabis, based on your condition. Even so, medical-grade marijuana is not a cure-all, and it comes with side effects like any prescription.

These side effects are entirely avoidable if you follow your prescription’s dosage levels. Too much of your prescription at once can lead to dizziness, dry mouth, and red eyes. Not following treatment guidelines always results in side effects.

The More You Know…

The better your experience with medical-grade marijuana will be. Make the best use of your Oklahoma medical card and consider the holistic wellness offered by Doctors of Cannabis.

Be sure to contact us so we can help you answer any questions about using medical marijuana in your life and begin your transition from pharmaceutical dependence.

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