Are you aware that around 50 million Americans are currently suffering from chronic pain?

Chronic pain is just one among a range of conditions that could benefit from medical marijuana. Whether you’re uneasy about smoking or aren’t comfortable with the concept in general, don’t worry. There are many options available to people who are seeking pain relief, including edibles.

Do you need the ultimate guide to marijuana edibles? Keep reading to learn all about them.

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Put in the simplest terms, edibles are any food item that has been infused or reinforced with some amount of cannabis. This can be in the form of THC, CBD, or both. Edibles are a much more convenient way of getting marijuana and its cannabinoids into your system because you can eat it with your lunch without anyone else being the wiser.

Best of all, there’s no smoke involved, so you don’t have to worry about finding a private place with no one around. After all, you wouldn’t want to affect passersby with your marijuana smoke.

Edibles can take a couple of hours to take effect after consumption, those effects often last longer, sometimes for 6 hours or more.

If you own cannabis edibles, it’s important to label them or keep them in a place that’s out of reach from children. You also should avoid confusing others who might encounter the edible and mistake it for a normal baked good.

The Types Of Edibles

While there’s a huge variety of edibles out there, some food items are more effective than others. For instance, you probably won’t ever see marijuana pasta on the menu, although anything’s possible. The most popular types of edibles include cookies, brownies, mints, lollipops, gummy bears, and chocolate bars.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also get edibles in the form of seltzers, cakes, potato chips, beef jerky, caramel pieces, and so much more.

There are even bakeries that specialize in nothing but edibles, which make getting them much more convenient. Aside from brick-and-mortar bakeries, you can find a range of online vendors too, but it’s important to avoid the ones that don’t have a reliable reputation.

How To Take Edibles

Simply put, you can eat edibles like you would any other food product. There is one big difference you should note. Although it’s natural to want to eat half or even a whole tin of regular brownies, it’s dangerous to your health to eat more than the proper dosage of an edible.

The proper dosage tends to be a single unit of food but it depends. For instance, you might want to take a couple of marijuana mints if you need extra relief. Conversely, it might be better to eat only half an edible brownie rather than the whole thing.

When buying edibles, you should always take note of the serving size, the percentage of THC and CBD inside, and other facts. If these aren’t listed on a label, then you should avoid eating them.

Things can get a little more complicated if you decide to make your own edibles. This can end up being a fun project but involves a learning curve and dedication.

Baking Your Own Edibles

The biggest hurdle when making your own edibles involves getting the edible dosage right. Too much and you can experience dangerous systems. Too little and the edible won’t provide you with any medicinal relief.

To go about making edibles, you’ll first need to purchase a marijuana flower. Each flower has its own percentage of CBD and THC, so it’s important to note these numbers beforehand. The flower should be infused in either butter or oil, which you’ll use to cook whatever baked good you desire.

The first step toward making butter or oil involves heating the flower in carrier fat. Once you’ve melted it down without overheating it, you should strain the oil so that the excess plant matter gets taken out. Nothing ruins a baked good like a surprise stem or leaf bolus.

It’s worth noting that you won’t ever get the full amount of THC or CBD as indicated on the label of the packaging. Decarbing and the other processes will end up reducing the percentage by as much as half.

How To Buy Edibles

The process of buying edibles will depend on a variety of factors, such as the state you live in. Each state has its own rules and regulations that must be followed. The last thing you’d want is to get in trouble with the law.

In Arkansas, for instance, it’s necessary to consult with a board-certified physician who can assess your health conditions and needs. This is the first step toward getting a medical marijuana card, which allows you to purchase edibles and other marijuana products that are necessary for managing chronic pain, seizures, and other symptoms of various conditions.

There’s still the matter of finding a reputable vendor. If you’re in a state that requires a medical marijuana card but the vendor doesn’t ask to see yours, then that’s a red flag.

Online marijuana vendors should be vetted with as much rigor as a physical location. In either case, it’s often easy to search the name of a business and find plenty of information about their reputation and whether or not they’re legitimate.

When in doubt, you could always ask your doctor for recommendations.

Are You Ready To Enjoy Marijuana Edibles?

Now that you’ve learned about marijuana edibles, you can buy a bunch for your friends and family members. Don’t forget to treat yourself as well.

Do you need marijuana for medicinal purposes? If so, you’ll be glad to know that we can provide you with a medical marijuana card so that you can treat a range of health issues, including chronic pain, cancer, ALS, and more. We always emphasize care and quality in everything we do.

If you have questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to us and consult with one of our board-certified physicians.