From lack of sleep, side effects of medication to psychological factors and hormonal imbalances, obesity is a major concern for over 70 million adults in the US alone. All of these factors combined with overeating can be detrimental to one’s lifestyle and living standards.

However, interestingly enough, according to a study conducted by the Michigan State University, marijuana users generally weigh less than non-marijuana users. It is a scientifically odd phenomenon as cannabis use is known to increase one’s appetite.

Hence, the study team for Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research concluded that marijuana might be a more convenient option for weight loss than surgery or pharmaceuticals.

The study results were based on observations that cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) suppresses CB1 receptors in the ECS. Thus, it can be deduced that high THC consumption enables lower BMI due to increased metabolism despite consuming a high-calorie diet.

Therefore, here are some of our favorite high THC marijuana strains that can aid in weight loss.

Durban Poison

It is a popular marijuana strain from South Africa that is known for its high THC cultivation; the THC levels can go as high as 26%, resulting in an immensely potent and cerebral high. This means that even though Durban Poison can be enjoyable, it is best suited for experienced marijuana users.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a well-known marijuana strain falling in the Indica category for its relaxing and calming high. It is best used for its sedating effects to induce sleep for its users. As insomnia can contribute to obesity, this marijuana strain can allow you a healthy slumber period.


An energetic and ecstatic stress reliever, the Grapefruit strain reportedly has a THC content ranging from 20-25%. As it is a perfect hybrid category strain, it is mainly used to treat many medical conditions without any sedating side effects and helping you feel active and motivated.

Blue Dream

A Sativa dominant hybrid, it is a cross between Haze and Blueberry strains. As a result, it is best known for offering a range of potential medical uses. It helps the user stay motivated and focused via the boost of Sativa energy.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie tastes just as good as it sounds by its name. The delicious strain is a high-THC genuine joy for its users. After all, it is an Indica dominant strain; hence, it widely sells under medical marijuana labels at local dispensaries.

Girl Scout Cookies

This high-THC hybrid has a peppery, citrus taste with effects known to cause joy, relaxation, creativity, and euphoria. As it acts as an appetite suppressant, it is highly regarded to be used for weight loss. However, it is mainly used to treat anxiety and depression.

Jack the Ripper

It is a Sativa dominant strain favorite of users who enjoy lemony citrus flavors. It is famously available on the West Coast, Colorado, and Michigan and is known for joy-inducing effects. In addition, the high-THCV strain helps to ward off food cravings.

Skunk #1

Well-known for a thick, strong flavor profile, the strain is Indica dominant. The earthy taste is unique, making it a rather uncommon marijuana strain. It mainly promotes appetite suppression which is great for weight loss and is mainly used for muscle relaxation and pain relief.


Cannatonic is a widely coveted ACDC hybrid of marijuana strains. Known for excluding the mind to focus, it mainly affects the user’s body. As the ratio of CBD to THC is 2:1, it means that you won’t feel much of a high or hunger for that matter, making it a great choice to aid weight loss.

Harle Tsu

A hybrid cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, this strain also doesn’t stimulate the user’s appetite. As it showcases higher CBD levels than THC, it makes for an ideal choice as medicinal marijuana rather than recreational purposes or a euphoric high.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, learning about these many different variants, hybrids, and well-known marijuana strains would allow you to choose one to help you lose weight. Doctors of Cannabis are Oklahoma’s number one trusted source when it comes to medicinal marijuana usage. So make sure to get your medical marijuana card made from us before you decide to buy any strain.

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