Edible cannabis, or edibles, has a wide range of benefits for people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and more. The edible business is booming with a growth of around 54% in 2020.

If you’re interested in trying medical marijuana and prefer edibles, how do you know which dosage is right for you?

Read on for some information about dosage for edibles, so you can decide how much THC you need.

Edibles for Beginners

If you’re new to trying edibles, it’s always a good idea to keep your dosage low. Remember, you can increase the level of THC you consume as you determine which dosage works best.

Start Slowly with a Lower Dose

Those with mild pain or those who experience minor levels of stress and anxiety should start with a lower dosage. Low dosages of THC are also ideal for people who prefer to microdose rather than take a high dose all at once.

To begin your cannabis dosage journey, start with between one and 2.5 milligrams of THC per serving. Give yourself at least two hours after eating the edible to let the THC “kick in.”

If you don’t feel a difference after two hours of consuming the edible, try eating a small snack. A bit of food will aid in digestion and absorption to help the THC enter your system.

Remember that you can always increase the dose if you want to feel stronger effects. An additional dose of about three to five milligrams should do the trick. Five milligrams seems to be the standard dose for most beginner to mid-level users.

Common Dosage for Edibles: Insomnia and Chronic Pain

A lot of patients use medical marijuana to help with chronic pain or sleeplessness. From insomnia and back pain to regular headaches, it can help to ease the symptoms, allowing you to live more normally.

If you’re using edibles for either of these issues, try a dose of around 2.5 to 15 milligrams. Remember, the higher your dosage, the stronger the relief you’ll get.

People who use edibles for insomnia and pain should tweak their dosage until they find the “sweet spot.” At higher levels, you’ll notice more feelings of euphoria and an increase of impaired coordination. Of course, many people will build a tolerance to edibles over time. As your body adapts, your dosage may need to increase.

Edibles to Improve Sleep

When using edibles for sleep, it’s best to take them about one to two hours before bedtime. This will help you feel more relaxed so you can get a good night’s rest.

When consuming edibles, always read the packaging information before you take them. Different brands and products have various dosages based on the serving size and formula.

Cannabis Dosage for Those with a High Tolerance

Some people have a higher tolerance for both medical and recreational marijuana. Higher tolerances may be because a patient takes it more often throughout the day or because they’ve been using it long-term.

If this applies to you, your dosage for edibles can be higher. Start with between 10 and 15 milligrams for each dose if your tolerance is high. With a higher dose, you’ll also notice much higher levels of euphoria.

Patients with a significantly high tolerance can go to about 20 milligrams per dose. This level is also a good choice for those who struggle with GI absorption.

Cancer patients and people with an extremely high tolerance can consume closer to 50 to 100 milligrams. Only experienced users should eat edibles at this high of a potency range.

Side Effects of High Doses

If you’re new to using edibles or THC in general, high dosage levels may produce a negative effect. Remember, start slowly and work your way up unless you have an extremely high tolerance.

When you go over 20 milligrams per dose, you’re likely to start feeling unpleasant side effects. The most common side effects include nausea, anxiety, and increased heart rate.

More Tips for Edible Marijuana Dosage

Just like any other medication, your results and response to edibles will vary. One of the biggest factors that affects how your body responds is the reason that you need to eat them. People with severe, ongoing pain or cancer will typically require higher doses than those with occasional sleep issues or minor aches and pains.

The type of edible you choose may also affect the outcome. For example, some people may respond better to gummies, while others do best with brownies or cookies.

Your body weight, gender, age, and metabolism can also play a role in how you might react to a specific THC dosage. Always start small and gradually work your way up if you’re new to edibles.

If you think you’ve had too much THC, there are some things you can do to help you come down. Try a bit of lemon, chew on some black peppercorns, or use CBD to counteract the effects.

There is more research being done about edibles dosage, cannabis, and the best amount to take. The more you research, the easier it will be to help you find the dose that works for you.

Find Your Perfect Dose Today

Keep this information in mind when you’re researching the right dosage for edibles that will work for you. Remember to start slowly and use a lower dose as you work your way up.

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