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Medical Cannabis in Rhode Island

Even though the recreational use of cannabis in Rhode Island is illegal, medical marijuana has been helping patients in the state to find pain relief with ailments since 2006.

The state of Rhode Island also allows qualified out-of-state patients to access and purchase marijuana from medical dispensaries within the state.

What are the Conditions I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Rhode Island?

The state of Rhode Island accepts a large range of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Additionally, in Rhode Island, you are not required to have tried the traditional treatment for your condition before wanting to apply for your medical marijuana card.

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How Does Doctors Of Cannabis Work In Rhode Island?

The team here at Doctors of Cannabis (DOC) is happy to answer any burning questions you may have about medical marijuana. Additionally, they will guide you through the application process to obtain a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island.

How To Get Your Medical Card In Rhode Island?

To obtain your medical marijuana card in Rhode Island is a simple process.

1. Register with us

2. Fill out a simple form and we will connect you with one of our doctors via telehealth

3. You will receive a signed Practitioner Written Certification Form to submit along with your Patient Application Form

4. Once the application has been processed, you just need to wait for your medical card in the mail

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FAQ for Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island

Yes. Anyone looking to get medical marijuana in Rhode Island will need to talk with a doctor to see if they suffer from any of the qualifying conditions. After a consultation, patients must register with the medical marijuana program in Rhode Island. After approval, the Rhode Island Department of Health will send you a card within 5-10 days.
Around 5-10 days after the Rhode Island Department of Health has approved your application.

The total cost of the certification and consultation is $199 in Rhode Island.

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