Did you know that medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma in June of 2018?

As Oklahoma’s Medical marijuana laws continue to rapidly evolve, understanding all of their medical marijuana laws is essential for you to safely and legally consume cannabis products. That’s why today, we’ve created a complete guide to help you understand your legal rights to possess, purchase, cultivate, and consume medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma.

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What Are the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws for Possession?

If you are registered to use medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma, you have to have a state-issued medical marijuana license to be able to legally be in possession of marijuana.

Even if you do have a medical marijuana card, you are only allowed to have what does 3 oz of marijuana on your person. In your residence, you are only allowed to have up to 8 oz of marijuana.

You are legally allowed to grow marijuana plants, you are only allowed to be in possession of six matured marijuana plants and up to 6 seedlings. In addition, you are allowed to have up to 1 oz of marijuana concentrates and up to 72 oz of edible marijuana products.

If law enforcement in Oklahoma finds you in possession of marijuana products and you don’t have a state-issued medical marijuana card on your person, you can be punished with a misdemeanor offense and a fine of up to $400.

Cultivating Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

You can legally cultivate medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma if you have a state-issued medical marijuana card that’s valid. Under Oklahoma laws, you are legally allowed to cultivate up to 6 seedlings and sticks mature cannabis plants.

All the cannabis plants that are being cultivated under the legal protection of your medical marijuana card have to be grown within your primary residence. Oklahoma law also allows you to designate a caregiver to grow your medical marijuana plants for them.

How Do You Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

Unlike many other states, Oklahoma doesn’t have a specific list of medical conditions that qualify for treatment with medical marijuana. For you to be able to receive a medical marijuana card, you have to receive a recommendation from a physician. All applications for a medical marijuana license have to be signed by a physician located in Oklahoma.

For you to receive a medical marijuana card, you have to be 18 years old or older. However, if someone is under the age of 18, they have to receive the signature at approval from two physicians licensed in the state of Oklahoma, as well as their legal guardian or parent.

After you’ve been approved for a medical marijuana license, your license is valid for up to two years. You have to renew your license every year for you to be in legal compliance with Oklahoma state law. The cost for you to renew your marijuana license is $100, but if you have Medicare, Medicaid, or SoonerCare, the fee is only $20.

What About a Caregiver License?

If you’re a caregiver in the state of Oklahoma, you can legally acquire a caregiver license to administer medical marijuana to people that are homebound. This license will give you the same rights as someone who has a medical marijuana card, which means you legally be able to purchase, cultivate, and possess marijuana.

However, you do not have the right to consume marijuana or any marijuana products. With a caregiver license, you are responsible for providing the person that you’re caring for with marijuana. You’re only able to consume medical marijuana products if you also hold a medical marijuana license for your own personal health reasons.

For you to be able to apply for a caregiver license in the state of Oklahoma, you have to submit proof of the patient you’re caring for and their homebound status. You also have to provide proof that you’re the designee of the medical marijuana license holder.

In addition, you have to submit proof of age and of Oklahoma residency.

What About Oklahoma’s Driving Under the Influence Laws?

Oklahoma has strict driving-under-the-influence laws for both drinking and driving and medical marijuana consumption. Driving while under the influence of medical cannabis is highly illegal in Oklahoma. If you are found to be driving under the influence of medical cannabis, you will receive a similar punishment to someone who has been arrested for an alcohol-related DUI.

You should never smoke cannabis and drive. You should also always give yourself enough time to ensure that you’re sober before you began operating a motor vehicle.

Oklahoma Taxes and Fines

Oklahoma has a marijuana tax stamp program that requires people who consume medical marijuana in any form to pay taxes. For you to stay complying with Oklahoma well, you have to purchase stamps that prove you paid for any marijuana product that you are currently in possession of.

The current rate in Oklahoma is $3.50 per gram of medical marijuana. However, if you don’t purchase any stamps and a cart with any form of medical cannabis, you will have to pay an extra $7 per gram of medical marijuana.

Understanding the Current Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws

By having a solid understanding of the current Oklahoma medical marijuana laws, you can ensure that your marijuana consumption is compliant with the law.

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