Research shows that cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals in 2020 could generate several billion dollars in 2020.

Oklahoma is now joining the list of states that offer legal medical cannabis cards.

Wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

You can now apply for medical marijuana in Oklahoma before you even receive your MMJ identification. You will simply need the card to physically obtain medical cannabis.

Still, you’ll want to know the ropes so you can breeze through the process.

Qualifying for Medical Cannabis

The most important prerequisite to obtaining a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma? You must reside in Oklahoma.

You must also be 18 or older when getting a medical card for marijuana. Children under 18 cannot apply for a card. Only a parent or guardian can apply for the card on their behalf.

Beyond that, there are currently no qualifying conditions. Whether your current problem is chronic, preexisting, or brand new, residents are eligible to get an MMJ card.

You will want to follow the below steps to obtain your card within thirty days. After that time, certain information may expire.

Your physician must use their proper judgment to decide when to prescribe medical marijuana.

For instance, if you suffer from chronic back pain or inflammation, your doctor may give you an MMJ card for pain relief. Epilepsy and other seizure disorders are currently being treated with medical marijuana.

You can also get an MMJ card if you have cancer, glaucoma, neuropathy, or terminal illness of any kind.

You will want to discuss any symptoms you are currently experiencing with your doctor before seeking specific treatment.


Submitting Your Application

All you need to fill out your application is a computer and wifi access (and a comfortable chair). Be prepared to spend at least 15-20 minutes working on the application. Have any information ready before beginning to fill the forms out.

You will need to visit Oklahoma’s official MMJ website to reach the application page. You will find several forms to fill out.

Be prepared to share your full legal name and birthday, your permanent mailing address, and a telephone and email address you can easily be reached at.

The application will also ask for your current physician information and a current signature.

Finding a Physician

The next step is finding a licensed medical marijuana physician in Oklahoma.

Doctors in Oklahoma are not required by law to offer or discuss medical marijuana as a form of treatment.

If your current GP will not evaluate you for an MMJ card, you will want to locate a different doctor from your state. Fortunately, more doctors are considering medical marijuana as a form of treatment for various conditions.

Our doctors are local, certified physicians who have experience treating patients with medical marijuana. We don’t refuse treatment when a patient needs it. We also know which questions to ask to ensure you are prepared to get the most out of your MMJ card.

Our doctors are trained specifically to help you with your evaluation, application, and any other steps needed to further needed treatment.

You can also download a recommendation form for our physician and keep it for the application process.

Getting Evaluated for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma

The appointment typically takes less than a half-hour and pertains to critical information about your medical history.

We can also telecommute if you are unable to see a doctor in person. You shouldn’t be prevented from seeking treatment due to a lack of accessibility.

Feel free to offer any documentation at your appointment. Your physician will ask you some basic questions about any current medical conditions you may have.

They will explain how medical cannabis might help, and they can answer any questions you have, as well.

The more informed you are on current practices, the easier it will be for you and your physician to complete the process.

Be sure to let the physician know any medications you currently take, even occasional painkillers or antihistamines. They will ensure that medical cannabis won’t negatively interact with anything else you need to take.

Obtaining Your MMJ Card

When you register for your Oklahoma medical marijuana card, you will need a state ID, U.S. Passport or U.S. Photo ID, a current state ID card, or other official identification.

Without proper identification, you cannot obtain your MMJ card. We offer more identity verification options if you are unable to provide such identification.

Oklahoma will require a waiting period to process your request.

It can take a few days for OMMA to review and approve your medical cannabis. Our doctors work around the clock to ensure that you don’t have to wait.

Once your application is approved, we will notify you. You will be able to use your card immediately upon obtaining it.

Be sure to consult with us about renewing an expired card. We can help you renew your card quickly and easily.

Changes in the World of Medical Cannabis

More doctors and lawmakers are empowered to embrace the future of medical cannabis.

Treating mental health issues is easier than ever, especially with our complete treatment program. We take out the difficult steps so you can focus on recovery.

Disabled veterans and other qualifying groups can now get discounts to help cover licensing fees. Employees are starting to notice more options regarding drug tests for marijuana.

While possession laws are still strict, possession amounts are beginning to reflect the amounts currently recommended for treatment.

Be sure that you don’t have more ounces of flower, mature plants, or edibles than is allowed by law. Stay aware of how these laws differ in and out of the home to avoid losing your license.

Above all, no matter how the laws change, you still don’t want to drive under the influence.

If your treatment requires you to take medical marijuana doses before driving, you will want to seek alternative transportation. Drowsiness alone poses major safety risks behind the wheel.

The Bottom Line

Our treatment plan remains the only complete medical marijuana treatment program.

We believe that the future of medical cannabis should involve more peace of mind so you aren’t held back by the process.

If you are seeking alternatives to dangerous, addictive medications, talk to one of our doctors today. Health and happiness are just one quick click away!